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05:36 03-12-2014
Is this the official way to contact Mr.West? The contact link on the website doesn't work....

I tried the CS12 and CS12m yesterday. I really like the m, but am astonished about alll the bugs and flaws in it. 2 years out there and nobody noticed (?):

- In and out gain are labeled +-12 dB, but in reality do -8 and +4 max

- Bandwide doesn't exist, the correct word is Bandwidth. And the labelling Q is also wrong, it must be Oct (as Q has the exact opposite meaning).

- It is a super feature to be able to change the gain range (another technically wrong word - Slope) between 12 and 6 dB, but why does the dB shown at the top of the faders always shows the 12 dB range values? They should change according to the chosen Gain range, obviously.

- The 4 band EQ is inconsistent in itself. The bass is a very nice, enhancer style steep filter with slight reduction of the upper bass. The high one should be identical to get the same nice enhancer effect for treble. Instead it is a IMHO useless, very flat shelve style one. That looks like a bug to me, not like it is intentionally.

So I wonder if all this will ever be corrected. Or did I come too late with the bad news?
04:29 16-11-2014
Mark Dolbec
By compressors, I mean Equalizers...
04:27 16-11-2014
Mark Dolbec
Thanks! It's simple, I put those compressors on everything!! ^^
08:31 09-11-2014
Jay Harmon
Very good plugins
00:50 04-11-2014
Jimi Justin
Thank you. Still trying to figure out how to install. Will let you know when I do. Again, thank you.
Replied on: 03:09 23-12-2014

Install is simple, not needed, you just put the .dll file in your "VstPlugins" assigned folder, see your host settings to check your vst-folder.

17:37 02-11-2014
Jason Freeman
Thank you for the choice of VSTs that you have in this site. I hope you continue to make more and if there is a way to get more funding for your projects, I would love to find a way to help
Replied on: 03:11 23-12-2014

Thnaks for your kind words Jason, there's a donation option available.

14:48 27-10-2014
Excited To Try Out Your Plugs!!
02:32 27-10-2014
Steve S.
Hi Terry,
I'm going to try out Saturn. Thanks for letting me try your plugin!

Steve S.
23:03 24-10-2014
I downloaded the Cs12m plugin but I dont know how to install it or use it, could you help me?
Replied on: 03:11 23-12-2014

Install is simple, not needed, you just put the .dll file in your "VstPlugins" assigned folder, see your host settings to check your vst-folder.

07:09 26-09-2014
mike hughey
Terry West is the Best, Thanks terry for the plugin's they are great.
17:28 06-09-2014
fabian moreno
06:09 05-09-2014
Reggie May
I'm very pleased with all of Terry West's products; they give me consistent, professional sound, and even if he charged a fair market price, they couldn't be beat.

Terry, please re-consider your decision to retire from making plugins... talent like yours doesn't come along every day.
Replied on: 03:14 23-12-2014

Thanks Reggie! Time will tell, but i have some new ideas.
Any new release will posted on KVR. So look there often. 2015 i come back.

19:57 23-08-2014
David Raphael Katz
BRAVO!!! I LOVE what you are doing. You are wonderful. Your sound is fantastic. Your song writing is superb. Your singing is delicious. Your musical sense of humor is priceless. You are the ABBA that kept on singing. BRAVO!
I'm glad I found your website.
Thank you for the Music!
Closet Music:
David R. Katz
07:37 23-08-2014
Hi Terry
I've been using your plugins for a while. They are fantastic and you're making a great contribution to musicians who can't afford the expensive plugin packs out there. And I must say, your EQs and compressors are equally as good - but for free!

I have made a donation, albeit small, and everyone else who uses your plugins regularly should do the same.

Thank you for your excellent work and technical genius!


18:05 19-08-2014
Hello Terry,

i am currently using the "MS Mid Side Processor" experimentally in a Home HiFi environment.

Your famous MS-Processor took me on a learning journey ... Maybe you can give me some hints
to understand what i do and what effects i am listening to ...

What are the knobs right from "input" and "output" used for ?
It feels like frequency response "tilt" toggles to me, able to neutralize some bass boost inherent to the device.

But to me it sounds different whether you use the buttons for "input" or those for "output". Is there a

difference and if so, why is this ?

What are the crossover- or mid frequencies of the 3 filter bands ?

What is the approx. steepness of the filters ?

What is the approx. scale of the controls (-10 to +10) is it dB as voltage level or is it less than that ?

It would be a great pleasure to me, if you could drop me some lines.

The MS-Processor was a "breakthrough" in home-listening to commercial recordings for me and i like to configure

the device "as neutral as possible" except for moderate M-S equalizing of the "high" band which i prefereably use

it for (by now).

Thank you very much for making these wonderful devices.

Kind Regards
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