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01:00 17-02-2015
Many thanks for all your plugins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waiting for x64 versions

best regards
09:15 16-02-2015
Mr Pregnant
Seriously these plugins... soo good! Cant take the After and its clarity knob off my tracks

16:48 06-02-2015
thanks man, i love to make music ''ll try them out
much thanks and blessings
21:01 03-02-2015
Hey Terry,

Just wanted to say that I can't wait to use these plugins. They look awesome and thank you for allowing us to use these plugins. Stay blessed.

12:28 01-02-2015
hey terry,
just downloaded some of ur plug-ins, so keen to try them out. thanks so much
00:26 01-02-2015
Reggie May
Hello again, Terry! Good to "see" you again, even if from a computer screen. I use your software all the time when making my music at home. Your channel strips are superb on my vocals. Now, if only my vocals were up to the challenge...
Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.
14:15 29-01-2015
Hi Terry, - just wanted to tell you that after some time I tried to download and use M Horse P3 again - and now it works without any problems. Avast Anti Virus now fully accepts the plugin. I cannot say what was the problem earlier (see my post from 07-01-2015) but thankfully now everything works as it should without any trouble and I am a happy user of M Horse P3. Thank you! Martin
18:49 10-01-2015
Hi Terry,
Thank you so much for your vst.
Tried to use first cs12L with SX3 (I know, old stuff) but "can't load module TwelveEq" message appears any directory I put it in (steinberg/vstplugins or steinberg/SX3/vstplugin). Other plugin (not from yourwebsite) work perfectly well. OS is XP. Any idea?
10:20 07-01-2015
Hi Terry, - I have tried to use your M Horse P3 plugin but Avast Anti Virus claims it is infected. It will not let me download and states that it has a Trojan called "Win32: Evo-gen (Susp)". - - - Am I the only one having this problem - or has someone somehow infected your dropbox? Hope you can enlighten me on this. Would very much like to be able to use the MHorse P3. Thanks. Martin
21:49 04-01-2015
In Relife VST Plugin what exactly does the PRECLEAN function do?
20:44 31-12-2014
Howdy from The Owegi Band. Just found your plugins yesterday. I'm really liking the mhourse_p3.

Please check out The Owegi Band tunes at:
02:28 27-12-2014
Hey!!! Thank you so much for serving humanity like you do. These plugins are going to change my life. Thank you for years to come.
15:04 25-12-2014
Ik kan helaas geen prive mail sturen hij geeft dan een fout code aan

Mvg jeroen
13:35 20-12-2014
Hoi ik heb een vraagje ik zoek deze nummer van jullie Joly En Terry West Als Jouw Hart Slaat
Maar ik kan deze nergens vinden of luisteren help me AUB
Replied on: 03:05 23-12-2014

Hoi Jeroen, klopt dit nummer komt van een album di haast niet mer inde omloop is. Graag een privemail, dan kot alles goed.

00:50 04-12-2014
Dennis Williams
I've already been using some of your M/S processing tools and I just now discovered that you have so many plugins! Without having tried them it's already so awesome that you share your creations with everyone that wants to use them. It's mind boggling. I want to do something in return so if you like, I could make a track for you, using only your plugins. I'm still finding my way as a producer but if you're interested, send me an e-mail I'm proud to be Dutch when I see this website; keep it up and thanks so much! Dennis
Replied on: 03:07 23-12-2014

Hey Dennis, great to hear from you.
Je kan me altijd via onze mail kontakt met ons opnemen.
Groetjes Terry.

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