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07:06 24-06-2015
arie de vormer
hele mooie site terry heel veel succes er mee samen
05:46 24-06-2015
pedro winkel
Nou ziet er Super prov. Uit. Goed bezig.
23:00 23-06-2015
prachtige site hoor helemaal op en top !!!
Ik wens jullie heel veel succes met alles wat jullie doen en nog gaan doen en dat alles in top kwaliteit helemaal top !!! veel liefs
22:13 23-06-2015
Wat een mooie site hebben jullie er van gemaakt
07:24 19-06-2015
Thank you for best leading mastering tools.
I would like to see more clarity processors in future.
Some bass processors are needed to make right adjustments automaticly not only just easy exciter even tho wide is epic plugin for bass, also an kick processor for appropriate compression.
The last thing is to give sounds right compression on to allow most hidden sound to get presence, and allow sound to be hidden if to much presence.

Also the most important thing is really resonance removal tool, or processor which takes away hidden resonance. Often resonance isn't recorded in microphones cause the sound is filtered, some often there is much resonance by adjusting the gain, and often many plugins give resonance which isn't probably that easy hearable, but will stay as layers of frequencies that are taken out of frequency range.

Also donated to your work before, hope the donation comes to you.
06:43 24-04-2015
Very Good site
06:42 24-04-2015
I tha maw.......
19:52 23-04-2015
wilfred van esdonk
Beste terry
Ik heb wat vragen over wat plugins hoe kan ik u die mailen

gr wilfred
15:17 26-03-2015
Henk Hollander
Terry hoe kan ik in contact komen met je want de kontakt link werkt niet???????????
22:13 22-03-2015
Amazing plugins! Thank you for providing excellent, quality VSTs at an unbeatable price!
11:26 14-03-2015
Bas Sarlemijn
Hello Terry West, I downloaded After. How do I install it because in the readme.txt it is not explained. Do I just put the two files (dll and jpg) in my VSTplugin folder? And I am on windows 8.1 does it work on that? thank you. Bas
18:12 11-03-2015
The work of a genius ! Thank you !!
14:17 05-03-2015
wim wieringa
prachtige muziek
11:08 02-03-2015
Deine Plug-Ins sind klasse.
Danke das ich damit arbeiten darf.
05:22 26-02-2015
Terry, your plug ins are outstanding, have made my music stand out so much better than before, thank you.
Berichten: 61 t/m 75 van de 922.
Aantal pagina's: 62
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