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10:37 05-07-2016
Leuke site terry en gerda ziet er goed uit en jullie muziek is toppie ga zo door

Groeten wWw.PiratenMixen.nL
20:52 13-06-2016
JAMES Ranson
hi do i get back to downloads.i donated on 27/5
01:47 01-06-2016
Hi Terry...I made a donation on 5/29 but never was able to find a download page and haven't received a link from you by e-mail yet. Can you help me somehow to find the place to download the new plugins? Thank you!
22:23 29-05-2016
Hi Terry...I have enjoyed your plugins over the years and am happy to make a little donation in return for the new versions. Looking forward to receiving the link from you and trying them out. Keep up the good work!
11:58 17-05-2016
People should not ruin and steal bycicle, things, food and drinking (water)
20:02 07-05-2016
Estoi un poco molesto done 10 euros descarge el equalizador y no lo puedo instalar quisiera saber porque motivos no se puede tengo windows 10
23:58 04-05-2016
Paulo Gonçalves
how do I install VST Plugins .dll file. thank you
23:46 04-05-2016
Paulo Gonçalves
how do I install VST Plugins .Thank You.
16:26 08-04-2016
Peter Böhm
About 'ReLife'

Hi Terry, I' been struggling with the restoration of far too hot mastered recordings since quite some time and tried A LOT of tools with mixed success and most settings needed fine tuning over fine tuning for every individual recording. The various negative side effects of the other tools made me pull my hair out... .

It all could have been so easy, if I would have tried 'ReLife' earlier. I am using ReLife right before resampling and the results are awsome, I have even disabled the de-esser completely - not needed anymore for my kind of stuff. Very well done, Terry!



Greetings from Germany
17:28 31-03-2016
Thank you very good plugins Terry

MHorse P3 2.8 (M) link ded (Server Error 404 - File or directory not found.)

reup pls tks.
01:07 28-03-2016
mille bravo!!!
vos plugins sont fantastiques.
merci pour ces cadeaux
08:43 26-03-2016
Donated but did not get redirected to download..
22:03 09-03-2016
Hi Terry,

I'm pretty sure I donated in the past, but I somehow lost the download files, so I just sent a small something your way..sincerely wish it was more, as your plugins are outstanding!

My thanks for all the time and effort you've clearly put into the making of them..the music world is a far better place because of them.

Kind regards

13:31 06-03-2016
Claudio Gnocchi
Yplugins are fantastic! But, made a small donation and can not download others......
Replied on: 11:10 08-03-2016

Solved, you got mail.

08:07 21-02-2016
Bill Sutter
I just made a donation, but I DID NOT get redirected to the downloads. PLEASE email access the downloads page.
Replied on: 11:10 08-03-2016

Solved, you got mail.

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