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16:56 30-01-2017
Thank you very good plugins Terry

MHorse P3 3.6 The link does not correspond it is MHorse P3 3.4 (M)

reup pls tks.
20:11 14-01-2017
ik kom even jullie gastenboek binnen wandelen ziet er top uit wens jullie veel succes lieve groetjes lady monza promotie
22:16 17-12-2016
Hi Terry & Readers

There's an issue where after paying for the plug-ins by Paypal it does not redirect you to Terry's download page. However, on the Paypal payment page, there's a link that says "Return to Terry West". If you click that, you'll get to the download page. Also, when downloading Monoize, it takes you to Dropbox where they want you to sign up for an account. Just click "No thanks" after clicking "Download" and the download will commence.
Replied on: 01:40 02-10-2017

Thanks Mike for your help!

00:58 07-12-2016
Audio-Voice (Microphone) to MIDI VST (FX) please...
00:25 24-11-2016
Thanks so much!
06:04 15-11-2016
hello i have a Windows 7 64bit computer. I would love to download in particularly some software for "Mastering" my songs. What would you suggest? and again, will it work on a Windows 7 64bit Computer. thank you
Adonis Vowsen Miami, FL. USA
Replied on: 01:42 02-10-2017

Yes it works perfect, but if you using a 64 host we recommend you to use JBridge with our plugins. Else it don't work.

14:18 14-11-2016
Thank you very good plugins Terry

MHorse P4 3.5 (M) link ded (Server Error 404 - File or directory not found.)

reup pls tks.
02:41 14-11-2016
After a PayPal donation I did not receive a link to the download page.
01:33 08-10-2016
I love your plugins. Thanks.
10:17 05-10-2016
Thanks Mr. West, Your plug ins are my go to sets for many sessions and have been for quite some time. My Low budget and desire for quality are perfectly complemented. and the sound rivals and beats many commercial sets.
Stretcher Bearer
Salem, Oregon USA.
21:52 20-09-2016
koos van zyl
Geluk sit in die sterre saam met Aisha is pragtig.


Suid afrika
20:07 04-09-2016
Great sruff, love it... using MHorse P12, incredible results... have one question though, it never tells me the audio is Stereo... my system is set for 2 channel 44100 16bit audio.. using Voicemeeter Banana, using minihost modular as a VST host... audio device type :ASIO, Device : Voicemeeter insert virtual Asio

thanks !
21:11 02-09-2016
I don't understand how the donate and download works. Once the donation is made, will I be taken to the download page? Also, is it one donation per download. Unfortunately, the procedure is unclear.

Unfortunately, there are no replies showing to the previous queries that people have made.
Replied on: 14:36 08-09-2016

Hi Cranky, one's donated it will redirect you to a special page where you can download all plugins you like, so not only one.
All previous queries are answered personal (mail) to those people and are solved. Because sometimes Paypal does not shows you the download-page. Regards, Terry.

17:52 01-09-2016
walter sledge
once we reach a certain age,the obvious hides from glad i found the way to get in touch...i will be checking your products...
20:48 03-08-2016
Vinnie V.
Great job to all from "Hot as Hades" Sacramento, California, USA
Enjoyed the "All about the bass" video

Vinnie V.
Vinnie V Official Website
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