22:01 27-09-2018
sahin koc
hi terry,
thank you sooo much for your superb amazing unique and magic plug ins.
As a pro, i can verify, for mixing and mastering the BEST tools by far.

BIG THANX and best energy to you and your team )
01:25 10-10-2017
Hoi web site ziet der mooi uit
Draai jullie muziek ook op
22:01 02-10-2017
Oh wn, tus plugins son entero wenos loco, la cagó, un aplauso wn, maestro!
08:01 29-09-2017
Hello Terry W. Great plugin effects that I enjoy using time and time again. Always fun to find new ways to use them creatively and they are helpful to balancing my mixes. I was wondering since I donated awhile back the versions I have are older version. To get the updates will I have to re donate? Didn't see any update emails I believe that was in the message when I downloaded them the first time. Curious to play with the updated versions. Thank you for creating these gems!! Peace.
Geantwoord op: 01:44 02-10-2017

Hi Stohgs, no, after a donation (bookmark the download page) you can always check on the pluginpage for new updates. When available, they show in the downloadpage (check version number). The mailing system did not work, so please check often the website for any update.

03:24 15-06-2017
Terry West
Due some major changes with dropbox we needed to rewrite our download page.
Some downloads did not works, but all where fixed now.
Please try reload the page in your browser and all should be fine.
Regards, Terry.
07:09 03-06-2017
Shawn P
I don't see the links for P4 lite or the S-filter. Are they discontinued? If so, it may be best to remove the pics of them.
Geantwoord op: 03:18 15-06-2017

Sorry, links are corrected now, please try again.

20:33 17-05-2017
Ben van hoof
Net een clip van julli gezien op tv oranje,die was mooi mvg. Benooz muziekstudio nose
22:04 11-05-2017
Hallo zoek het nummer van Joly & Terry west - Als jouw hart slaat kan hem nergens vinden
01:57 10-05-2017
Hello Terry , the P4 Lite and the S-Filter still not available in dowload ?
Geantwoord op: 03:18 15-06-2017

Sorry, links are corrected now, please try agsin.

16:21 27-03-2017
Thank you very good plugins Terry

MHorse P3 3.6 link ded (Server Error 404 - File or directory not found.)

reup pls tks.
Geantwoord op: 01:39 02-10-2017

Link corrected.

23:50 22-03-2017
Andy Ay
Thanks for the effort. Donation paid. Plugins downloaded!
04:51 14-02-2017
I'm glad I stumbled onto your website and am looking forward to trying out the plugins. Thank you!
16:56 30-01-2017
Thank you very good plugins Terry

MHorse P3 3.6 The link does not correspond it is MHorse P3 3.4 (M)

reup pls tks.
20:11 14-01-2017
ik kom even jullie gastenboek binnen wandelen ziet er top uit wens jullie veel succes lieve groetjes lady monza promotie
22:16 17-12-2016
Hi Terry & Readers

There's an issue where after paying for the plug-ins by Paypal it does not redirect you to Terry's download page. However, on the Paypal payment page, there's a link that says "Return to Terry West". If you click that, you'll get to the download page. Also, when downloading Monoize, it takes you to Dropbox where they want you to sign up for an account. Just click "No thanks" after clicking "Download" and the download will commence.
Geantwoord op: 01:40 02-10-2017

Thanks Mike for your help!

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